Opportunities In The Korean Media Industry

June 25, 2021 June 25, 2021
3:00PM - 4:00PM SGT Online via Zoom Webinar

With the rapid rise of interest in Korean media content, media financing appears increasingly attractive. Large corporates such as CAA, SK Global and Tencent amongst others have entered the fray. However, the entry barriers to financing in media content are high. When making overseas financing, entry barriers and information asymmetry tend to increase. What are the challenges and pitfalls? Join this webinar to explore the business behind the dramas.

1.   Gain an in-depth analysis of the Korean Media Industry
2.   Understand the rising investment trend of Korean Content
3.   Discover hidden opportunities

Disclaimer: SVCA does not endorse any of the content/investments shared during the webinar. Please conduct your own Due Diligence prior to any investments.


Won Dong Yeon
CEO, Realies Pictures

One of the top-tier productions in Korea which produced films like the “Along with the Gods” series and “Masquerade”, which ranked in the all-time box office top 10 films, surpassing the box office revenue of “The Avengers” and “Frozen” in Korea and broke box office records with its release throughout Asia.

Peter Choe
CEO, Blintn

Blintn is a platform that supports the creation of a more mature content (Film and TV) financing environment. They provide specialized service in content production financing, and by doing so, create a more effective and reliable production financing mechanism. They select required information for investors who are having trouble accessing proven financing information in the fast-growing content industry.



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