Business Finland Launches Dealflow Service

October 25, 2019

To help investors to find deals from Finland more efficiently, Finland opened a new digital dealflow service for investors worldwide in June 2019. This free service is provided by Business Finland, the Finnish government innovation funding agency for all the innovative and growth-seeking Finnish companies.

The unique features of include:
• All the information is provided by the companies themselves
• You can filter and find the relevant deals in a minute
• You can view pitch decks, contact interesting companies directly or follow their latest developments
• A new AI feature will be launched in November 2019 to increase the matching accuracy of finding your potential deals

Create your investor profile in and the investor can immediately access the most interesting deals varying from early startups to late stage companies from Finland. Profiles will not be visible to companies or other investors.

Finland holds the No.1 position in European’s venture capital investments to startups and growth companies relative to GDP in year 2018. And for the last several years, measured by a long-term average, Finnish startups have been the most attractive investment targets for European VCs.