Will There Be Another Dot-Com Bust? Stanford Finance Professor Ilya Strebulaev Answers

August 01, 2016

August 1, 2016

The spectacular valuations popping up in Silicon Valley are nothing new — everyone wants to be a unicorn, and will do almost anything to get that distinctive valuation. But the looming shadow of another dot-com bust has been just around the corner, as VC funding becomes more scarce and difficult to obtain for startups. Companies in the tech sector want to know what’s coming down the pipeline, and Professor Ilya Strebulaev is the man to tell you.

Professor Strebulaev is a tenured professor at Stanford who has spent his life studying economics, corporate finance, and credit risk. The focus of his work is venture capitalism, and locating himself in the heart of Silicon Valley has given him the connections and insight to study the tech sector in earnest.  Read more

Source: forbes.com