Don’t Waste a Good Crisis: 5 Key Lessons Learned during COVID-19 in ASEAN - May 21 webinar by SVCA & EMPEA

May 26, 2020



#5 Reset
Extend portfolio runway by at least 24 months, relook at fundamentals, from business model to economics to leadership and mindset changes.
Funding round every year no more. Time to clean house, i.e. effect the changes that were deemed difficult in the past.

#4 Adapt your playbook
Expect long, uneven recovery paths within ASEAN given differences in financial staying power, politics, healthcare systems and business infrastructure.

#3 Go Local
Travel restrictions demand more boots on the ground to source new deals, conduct due diligence, make material difference to regional portfolio.

#2 Stay Connected
2020 may not be the best time to raise a new fund. Nurturing existing GP-LP relationships will pay off. Relationships established with target business owners in recent years could also lead to new deals.

#1 Strike at Opportunities in a Crisis (危机)
Tough times have accelerated adoption of technology from Zoom meetings to digital healthcare and online learning. Taobao was launched in the midst of SARS, and depressed markets will present buyout opportunities.