SVCA Quarterly Bulletin

April 2021

We reflect on SVCA's Milestones, have an exclusive chat with Danny Koh on Tower Capital Asia’s journey and learn about how Temasek forges strategic partnerships with $1.1bn commitment to sustainability. Next, join our #NotVirtual Conference on May 18 and hear from your peers and family offices and institutional investors how they have braved the unprecedented crisis and what the new playbook looks like.

SVCA Quarterly April 2021 Issue 7

January 2021

In this issue, we talk to Altara Ventures in an exclusive interview. We delve into last year’s SPAC fever which certainly set the tone for a ‘SPACtacular’ start to 2021, with 35 blank cheque companies raising $9.17 billion in less than two weeks into the new year, according to data from SPACInsider.

SVCA Quarterly January 2021 Issue 6

*Special Awards Feature* November 2020

Find out who SVCA's Annual Award Winners for 2020! Resilience is the prevailing theme throughout the issue with a special award coming out in 2021. We also spoke to Nick Bloy from Navis Capital to learn more on fundraising amidst the pandemic.

SVCA Quarterly November 2020 Issue 5

July 2020

Read about Singapore rising to become #Vietnam's top investor, Ravi Thakran's next steps, Ardian in Asia, Archipelago's Investment from its latest fund, and people moves from Singapore to Japan.

SVCA Quarterly July 2020 Issue 4

April 2020

In this edition of the quarterly we showcase a special feature on COVID-19 with fundraising activity almost at a standstill as most LPs, and GPs too, take a wait-and see stance in this uncertain climate.

SVCA Quarterly April 2020 Issue 3

January 2020

This edition of the quarterly features an insightful interview with MAS on the about-to-be-launched Variable Capital Company (VCC), a feature on unicorns, and thoughts from the industry looking forward to 2020. 

SVCA Quarterly January 2020 Issue 2

October 2019

We at SVCA are delighted to launch a quarterly bulletin in celebration of our 27th anniversary. The launch of this quarterly coincides with the growing influence of Singapore as a Southeast Asian gateway to the wealth of investment opportunities in the region. 

SVCA Quarterly October 2019 Issue 1