ASEAN Connect Committee

The ASEAN Connect Committee seeks to develop an industry-wide eco-system across the ASEAN markets including Singapore, through engaging with country-level private capital associations and facilitating networking and onboarding of members from the region. We seek to explore cross-pollination opportunities and collaboration, including business development, professional development, talent, mobility and other global issues. Other key areas of engagement include legal, tax, related cross-border issues as well as reference networks for other member firms.

Through this, SVCA hopes to further the development of the private capital ecosystem in the region and leverage on Singapore’s position as a hub for private capital fund management.


Vishal Harnal, Managing Partner, 500 Global (Co-Chair)
Gabriel Ho, (Co-Chair)

Weiyu Tan, Managing Director, KKR
Ridwan Budijono, Managing Partner, Capsquare Asia Partners
Raymond Rudianto, Senior Advisor, TVM Healthcare / CEO (Singapore), PT Bank Negara Indonesia
Jonathan Pflug, Head of Southeast Asia, the Raine Group
Neil Fong, Managing Director, Burda Principal Investments
Saul Raccah, Managing Director, Keppel
Anisa Keeratiworanan, Director, Fullerton Fund Management
Erik Jan de Boer, Senior Vice-President, GLG Group