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Please see the overview below for the different membership types and prices. Membership duration can be for 1 or 2 years (with ensuing discounts). First year fees are pro-rated ( from the month of joining to the end of the year). If you have any queries, please feel free to email


Full Membership

Full Corporate membership is only open to a corporation engaged in Venture Capital or Private Equity activities from Singapore, which are defined as :

  • Management of equity or quasi-equity financing principally for enterprises that have significant growth potential in terms of products, technology, business concepts and services;
  • Activities whose main objective is long term capital gains to remunerate risks;
  • Activities pursuant to which such institutions or corporations can provide active management support to investees.
SGD 2500 / 12 months
Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to a corporation with an interest in Venture Capital or Private Equity activities in Singapore (such as law / accounting firms, consultancy companies and banks) as well as those engaged in Venture Capital or Private Equity activities but do not have a representative office in Singapore.

SGD 2500 / 12 months
Individual Membership

This membership is for individuals only

Individual membership is only open to all individuals that are:

  • employed by an entity that is a Member, or
  • have at least two years of prior work experience with an entity engaged in the management of private capital activities, but are currently not employed by an entity that could be eligible to be a Member.
SGD 2500 / 12 months