DEI Committee

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee seeks to develop a framework that will  promote the fair treatment and full participation of all individuals. The committees main objective will be to advocate policies and programs that promote the representation and participation of different groups of individuals, including people of different ages, races and ethnicities, abilities and disabilities, genders, religions, cultures and sexual orientations. The committees main goal is to promote an inclusive culture that supports equity in the workplace. The committee will support the SVCA community in promoting and advancing best practices in DEI.


Roshini Bakshi, Managing Director and Head of Impact & MD, Private Equity, Everstone Capital Asia Pte. Ltd. (Co-Chair) 
Chris Lee, Partner, SoftBank (Co-Chair)

Cristina Ventura, General Partner and Chief Catalyst Officer, White Star Capital Asia Pte. Ltd.
Valerie Mantot- Groene, Regional Managing Director- ASEAN, Apex Fund Services (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
Michael Lints, Partner, Golden Gate Ventures
Ashmita Chhabra, Fund Director, Solas Fiduciary Services Pte. Ltd.
Archer Goh Sim Aik, Vietnam/SEA Investment Team, Pavilion Capital