Fund Operations and Digital Adoption Committee

The Fund Operations and Digital Adoption Committee is dedicated to advancing the efficiency, transparency, and innovation within the private capital funds ecosystem in Singapore. As part of the Singapore Venture Capital Association (SVCA), our mission is to foster collaboration and drive transformative change in fund operations and digital adoption across our members.


Our Commitment

1.  Operational Excellence: We strive to enhance operational excellence across the private capital funds landscape by identifying and promoting best practices in fund operations. Through collaborative efforts, we aim to streamline processes, reduce friction, and optimize resource utilization for SVCA members.

2.  Digital Adoption: Embracing the power of technology, FODAC is committed to facilitating the seamless integration and adoption of digital solutions within venture capital firms. We seek to empower SVCA members with the knowledge and tools necessary to harness the full potential of digital advancements in their operations.

3.  Educational Initiatives: FODAC is dedicated to providing continuous learning opportunities for SVCA members. Through workshops, webinars, and knowledge-sharing forums, we aim to keep our members abreast of the latest trends, technologies, and regulatory changes impacting fund operations and digital adoption.

4.  Advocacy and Representation: FODAC serves as a strong advocate for the interests of private capital firms in Singapore. By actively engaging with regulatory bodies and industry stakeholders, we work to shape policies that support innovation, foster a conducive environment for digital transformation, and ensure the long-term success of the private capital community.

5.  Collaborative Networking: FODAC provides a platform for SVCA members to connect, collaborate, and share insights. Through networking events, forums, and collaborative projects, we aim to build a supportive community that leverages collective expertise to overcome challenges and seize opportunities in the rapidly evolving venture capital landscape.


By embodying these principles, the Fund Operations and Digital Adoption Committee endeavors to be a catalyst for positive change, driving the private capital industry in Singapore towards greater efficiency, resilience, and digital maturity. Together, we aim to shape the future of private capital operations and foster a culture of continuous innovation within the SVCA community.


Kenneth Leong, COO & CFO, Axiom Asia (Co-Chair)
Adam Hyland, Asia Head of Fund Operations and Treasury, KKR (Co-Chair)
Eric Lechat, Executive Vice President, Citco Fund Services
Jia Hui Loh, Chief Operating Officer, Executive Director, Tower Capital Asia
Han Wee Tan, Partner, Ernst & Young Consulting
Fi Dinh, Head of Fund Finance APAC, MUFG Investor Services
Mei Luo, Associate Director of Governance, Ogier Global (Singapore) PTE Limited
Henry Lin, CEO of Linnovate Partners