Venture Capital Committee

The VC sub-com works to reflect the views and interests of the VC focused members of SVCA, a large and growing segment of the private capital ecosystem. It contributes, hosts and partners events covering capital raising, investment opportunities and industry issues. It builds resources for better communication and networking among members. And working together with the advocacy group, it helps provide inputs on topics such as talent acquisition and regulatory changes.  


Lim Kuo-Yi, Managing Director, Monk's Hill Ventures Pte Ltd (Co-Chair)
Shane Chesson, Founder, General Partner, Openspace Ventures Pte. Ltd. (Co-Chair)

Sang-Uh Han, Partner, Digital Media Partners Investments Pte Ltd (Cento)
Marc Dragon, Managing Director, Reefknot Investment Pte Ltd
Vishal Harnal, Managing Partner, 500 Global
Neil Fong, Managing Director, Burda Principal Investments
Rajeev Natarajan, Managing Director, ICONIQ
Vadim Shpak, Managing Director, Vickers Venture Partners
Vicknesh Pillay, Founding Partner, TNB Aura
Sharon Liang, Principal and Head of Southeast Asia, Siguler Guff
Yuan Lee Chung, Partner, SIG SE Asia Investments