Masterclass: Excellence in Negotiating Venture Capital & Private Equity Term Sheets

Globally, AUM of Private Equity has surpassed US$4 tn. Asia-Pacific-based PE alone accounts for more than US$1.2 tn and is forecasted to exceed US$5tn by 2025! Each year, more than U$5bn are deployed across thousands of deals.

Some 10,000 to 20,000 term sheets will need to be formulated by fund managers and lawyers and negotiated with entrepreneurs in the near term. All players will need to be skilled in crafting and understanding term sheets in order to invest or raise capital prudently.

This course will illustrate key points of negotiation with the help of actual transactions and case studies. A unique part of the course is a negotiation game in which participants will learn to negotiate and craft term sheets. This course is indispensable for the success of fund managers and entrepreneurs. All players in the ecosystem can benefit from professional training in the design and negotiation of term sheets. The Masterclass will cover the three sub-classes of private capital, namely, venture capital, private equity and private credit.

You will learn how a properly structured term sheet helps capture upside for all parties and provides downside protection. This training program will include lessons learnt from case studies - of term sheets. Participants will learn how to mitigate investment risks and also enhance the negotiation skills of existing managers and entrepreneurs.

You will play a unique TERM SHEET NEGOTIATION GAME in order to strengthen your business negotiation skills. By the end of the course, you will be able to highlight the key elements of a high-quality term sheet.

28 - 30 MARCH 2023 RUN