SVCA Research Report Repository

*NEW* April 2021

The Southeast Asian Private Equity and Venture Capital industry underwent unprecedented challenges over the past year but demonstrated remarkable resilience from fundraising to deployment and exit.

SVCA Research Report: Southeast Asia Private Equity & Venture Capital-Resilience Amid COVID

April 2020

SVCA produced its inaugural report on PE/VC-backed IPOs and businesses that dominated the charts. We shared on post-IPO performances and made price comparisons that affected the IPO trends and market outlook moving forth. 

SVCA PE/VC-backed IPOs Study and Industry Commentary

April 2019

Southeast Asia (SEA) focused funds raised remained steady despite a decline in funds raised across the world and investment in activity in SEA have been on an upward trend with 2018 seeing US$ 10.5 billion invested in PE & VC deals across the region. 

For 2019’s edition of the factsheet, SVCA interviews Ashish Shastry, Member & Head of SEA, who revealed KKR’s view of SEA and their enthusiasm for the space! 

SVCA 2019 Factsheet

February 2019

SVCA produced its report on the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) industry, offering a study of the activity of the ICOs and commentary of the space. 

Some findings within the report show why ICOs had VC firms interested in the space, how VC firms affected their investees in the ICO space, and other findings. 

SVCA ICO Report: Study and Commentary February 2019

May 2018

SVCA produced its inaugural research report on the Southeast Asia private equity (PE) and venture capital (VC) industry, in its first edition on investment activity. The report was released during SVCA's biennial conference.

Some findings within the report show Asia, as a whole, overtaking Europe for investments, and that there is no lack of Series-A financing although Series-B challenges remain.

Southeast Asia PE & VC: Investment Activity May 2018